Falling in Love with Pyramid Lake

My husband and I often hike near Pyramid Lake; every time we go it still takes our breath away. Pyramid Lake is about 35 miles north of Reno and, unlike the more-celebrated Lake Tahoe, is a salty desert lake. Surrounded by far more rock formations than trees, Pyramid Lake is a vast, wide-open body of cool blue water.

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Always Plan Ahead. It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built the Ark.


It was a beautiful spring morning on the valley floor. The weather was warm and it seemed like a perfect day to wear shorts and get outside. Some friends, Erik and I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and hike the Selenite Range to peak Kumiva Peak.  One of the many mountains on our list to climb.

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Aravaipa Canyon

One of the first extended backpacking trips I took with my husband Erik, was to Aravaipa Canyon, AZ.

It was a trip I will never forget. Full of laughter, newness and exploration. The sunsets where majestic and the 10 mile gorge was full of greens, yellows and oranges, all at different times of the day.


It was a place I never wanted to leave. It had a mix of broadleaf riparian forest composed of cottonwood, willow, walnut, alder, and sycamore trees.

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