Always Plan Ahead. It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built the Ark.


It was a beautiful spring morning on the valley floor. The weather was warm and it seemed like a perfect day to wear shorts and get outside. Some friends, Erik and I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and hike the Selenite Range to peak Kumiva Peak.  One of the many mountains on our list to climb.

As we are drove towards Kumiva Peak it looked rather bare, as it usually does, so none of us worried about the weather or the terrain. We all failed to remember rule number one when hiking in Northern Nevada: Expect the unexpected.

As we arrived at the base of the mountain, we took a moment thinking what would be the best way to reach the top. We came up with a plan and head up the mountain.

As we climbed further up, the sagebrush became very thick, so thick that cuts and scrapes riddled up and down our legs. We looked at one another and discussed whether or not to continue climbing.


We collectively pushed one another into refusing to endure such pain without reaching the top. So we pressed on.

After altering our path and doing our best to avoid more battles with the ornery sagebrush, we eventually reached the top.

We all seemed to spend half of our time at the peak looking around the surrounding desert and the other half admiring our war wounds. After taking it all in, the weather began to change. It was time to get off the mountain.

Before we could reach the car it began to snow. Not only did we just fight through tough terrain, we were now up against the nasty weather – in shorts.

This trip was one of many great learning experience for me.  I now over prepare for all our trips. Whether it’s a change in the weather or oversized sagebrush, it’s always good to plan before heading into the hills.

Selenite Mountain RangeLimbo PeakPhoto Source: Northern Nevada Photography

I never would have thought that sagebrush would be our enemy on a hike like this.

Now when we go out on day hikes in new territory, I always wear long pants, regardless of the weather. I even practice this rule on our over night backpacking trips. Not only will it protect you from any rough terrain, it is wise to protect yourself from things like poison oak, nasty bugs or ticks.

There are many ways to prepare for different types of hiking adventures, but this is one standard rule I now always follow.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
-Benjamin Franklin

How do you plan for your hiking adventures? Do you have any rules that you follow? Please comment below.



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