Taking Time to Love Yourself

Stock Illustration of Yoga on Mountain

“Inhale arms up, exhale press your elbows down – fingers together like glue!” Kiera started her class as she always does, with a smile and determination to encourage her students to feel the benefits of doing it correctly. “Back straight, only your breath, arms and head are moving.”

Sweat is dripping down my nose, my internal heat is rising as I shift into a deep state of moving meditation. Awwww.

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Explore Your Bliss


There it was, the smell of exhaust from the boat’s engine permeating my nostrils. As I leaned back, swaying up and down from the current, I noticed the sun was about 15 minutes from rising. The water was warm and the air was cool. I tightly gripped the rubber handle and pressed my back foot down on the ski as the butterflies began to fluttered in my stomach. This was my bliss each time I uttered the words “HIT IT!”

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