Explore Your Bliss


There it was, the smell of exhaust from the boat’s engine permeating my nostrils. As I leaned back, swaying up and down from the current, I noticed the sun was about 15 minutes from rising. The water was warm and the air was cool. I tightly gripped the rubber handle and pressed my back foot down on the ski as the butterflies began to fluttered in my stomach. This was my bliss each time I uttered the words “HIT IT!”

My summers were full of early morning waterskiing sessions with my dad and siblings. Often times we would start so early we’d have to put spot light on the water to see. This was the best time to be on the lake. There was nothing better than being the first boat on the water.

I started waterskiing when I was eight years old. My love for being physical grew through hiking and running. When I turned 14 I was introduced to my first personal trainer, Don Mackey. He changed my life. Since then I have lifted weights, and exercising became a part of my every day lifestyle.

Today, I enjoy backpacking, river kayaking, waterskiing, hunting and I have run over seven half marathons, one full, one triathlon and an Iron Girl. I love anything outdoors and will try anything once (well, almost anything), as long as it is in-line with my morals.

Recently, I have endured health issues with my GI tract. This has slowed me down physically and it’s been hard to overcome. It has forced me to think about what is important. Because, you see, not only have I been physically driven all my life, I have also been on the search for the perfect business model. One that will bring me as much joy as being active does. 

My drive for this perfect business model has taken me down a road of owning several businesses. Some successful for a short time, others a bad idea, and some only an idea.

Through the different obstacles of owning a business, I became jaded, discouraged and didn’t think I would ever meet my goal of creating the business I longed for.  

However, being forced to slow down and proactive in my health – I came up with a recipe for a protein/health bar. This bar not only brings joy to my loved ones, but is a healthy snack to take with me during my outdoor adventures.

This bar has re-ignited my passion for creating a great business.

I have dreams of being able to help others in unexpected ways. I discovered through my different businesses, it’s important to be honest with myself. I am always drawn back to being active and exploring the outdoors.

Now, I am on a mission to connect this new business venture to my passion for the outdoors and being active.

With this blog, I hope to inspire people to find their passion through exploring the outdoors and healthy activities. I plan to tell stories about Nevada’s wide open spaces, which brings me joy and has led me to my new business idea.

Hopefully you find my adventures inspiring enough to take you outside and into your passions – leading  you to explore your bliss. 



2 thoughts on “Explore Your Bliss

    1. Hi, Kylie,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I am planning to soft launch my protein/health bars this summer. You will be able to find them at Rounds Bakery, Great Basin Co-op, and I am hoping to attend some of the California Street Farmers Markets. I truly appreciate your interest. Thank you.


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