Staying Mentally Tough During Chukar Season

Smoke Creek

As I moved my way up the same hill for the fifth time, my hips began to tighten and my back started to ache. I remember the days when I could move through any physical obstacle with ease. At this point it was all mental for me and I pushed through.

In my opinion becoming active at a young age helped build a foundation for my mental toughness. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have to work at it each time I am chasing those birds.

Chukar hunting has pushed me beyond my limits and has helped me to discover my true hiking ability. If you’ve been Chukar hunting, than you know the first time out for the season is about hunting and every time after, is simply revenge.

Chukar Partridge is a Eurasian upland gamebird and a part of the pheasant family. The Chukar is native to the Middle East region, however has been introduced into many other places and have established themselves in parts of North America, one popular location – Nevada.

ChukarPhoto Credit

We packed our shot guns, water, and ammo, which makes for an uncomfortable and awkward amount of added weight. However, the reward is worth the work.

Smoke Creek Valley was our choice for this for expedition. It was mid November and the birds were skittish. We moved up the hills multiple times with our dogs hunting for our dinner. Erik was able to reach his limit, so we did not go hungry that night.

Erik_birds Dinner

Unfortunately for me,  it was simply shooting practice.

There is something bigger than intelligences and talent. It’s the ability to stay tough – mentally. Discovering your limits and how to push past them without hurting yourself can be a fun journey. 

I’ve discovered that Chukar hunting is a good way for me to tap into my mental toughness. How do you stay mentally tough? Share in the comments below.



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