I Will Tri: Procrastinating Feeds Fear


I have my headphones on and the music is vibrating in my head. A little voice tells me “you can do this!”

There are three components to the Half Ironman; the swim, bike, and run. I have procrastinated with my training on the bike, and I know why. It scares me.

There are so many pieces to the biking part. Finding the right bike, shoes, clip-ins, and riding properly to save energy. It is also the longest portion of the race, so maybe that is why I am afraid of it.

How many of us procrastinate when we are unaware of how to do something? Perhaps it’s a new program at work or a home improvement project? Or a blog post you’re afraid to write?

I normally have all my post written long before the day I post them. Mainly so I can edit them a million times before sending them out for the world to read. Not this post. I have put it off because I was uncertain on how to present the struggle I am having.

When I procrastinate it is usually unintentional. It’s being done subconsciously because I am not a 100% sure of what I am doing. Or there are many questions associated with the project or challenge ahead.

I wouldn’t tag myself as someone who procrastinates. Often times I am the first one to jump into any project with both feet. I am not afraid of learning or admitting that I don’t know something.

However, I do fall into the trap I know many of us do, and that is allowing procrastination to feed my fear – fear driving my procrastination. It’s a cycle (no pun intended).

By procrastinating I am wasting valuable time that could be used improving my biking skills. Which having a lack of skill leads to more fear.

Procrastination Photo Source

I actually surprised myself yesterday on the stationary bike and rode further than I thought. By jumping on the bike and getting it done (after two weeks of worrying about it), I allowed myself to grow. Now it’s time to improve.

I would like to urge you not to procrastinate because of fear. The moment you take that first step, is the moment you are closer to growing, learning and even surprising yourself.

How do you face fear and get over the hump that is procrastination? Share in the comments below.



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