Breaking the Repetitive Cycles

treesIn addition to my hiking habit, I also enjoy running. Having ran one full marathon and more than a dozen half marathons, I am eager to keep pushing myself in competitive running. I often seek out new place to run my heart out.

If you ever been to the South Shore on Lake Tahoe, you know it is nothing less than enchanting. I have no problem making the 1 hour and 45 minute drive to see her.

Spooner map
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After my last visit, I decided to stop and take a run at the Spooner Lake trailThe Spooner Lake trail is off Highway 50, just before you get to the Spooner Lake turnoff. The trail itself is only about a 2.1-mile loop, but it is beautiful and well worth the stop. It was a perfect spot for an easy run.

This was my first time on the Spooner Lake trail, which was odd because I grew up in the area and have hiked just about every known trail. Nonetheless, I was working my way around this loop, and the pleasant surroundings, the quiet and the fresh air got me thinking. The loop was symbolic because I started to think how sometimes we walk, or even run, through our lives in circles. We do not even realize that we never end up where we are trying to get.

This is something I have been faced with many times in my life. I find myself stuck in a repeating circle, always doing what I think I should be doing for others. At times, my growth is inhibited by the expectations others have of me. I find myself frustrated and confused, almost dizzy from the repetitive motion.

Though the Spooner Lake loop is beautiful and I did not mind staying on the loop, I found myself wondering where all the little side trails went. I was scared to take them because I did not want to get lost; I was by myself with limited time to spare for exploration.

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I could not help this nagging feeling inside me, where does that trail lead? What about that one? My curiosity struck me as another parallel to life. We limit ourselves so much in life; we sometimes pass the opportunities to explore our true potential.

I know I would not have gotten lost if I took that trail, but I limited myself because of fear and time constraints. I came up with excuses not to explore the additional paths.

I challenge you to get out of your loop, if you find yourself stuck in one. Maybe it is a job, a relationship, family issues or financial matters. Whatever it might be, take a look at the side trails and explore the option of trying a new route that may lead you down a path of growth, happiness, and possibly, success.

Please share how you get out of your daily loop in the comments below.


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