Shell Creek Sunrise


The Schell Creek Mountain range on the southeastern side of Ely, Nevada may not be a nationally known hiking region, but I can tell you that its day will come. It is a breath-taking area that is gorgeously alive. On this particular trip, Erik and I hiked a mountain known as the Kolcheck Basin.

We went during a time when the leaves on the Aspens are changing, the Bucks are in rut and the air holds a crisp chill. The weather was being ornery so I decided to dress for a changing climate. I had learned this lesson two years ago when we hiked another mountain range in the same area and froze to the core of my bones. This time I stayed warm during our hike, even with the light snowfall brushing over my face.

The falling snowflakes brought me back to being a kid when it was so easy to enjoy the simple things, like making a snow angel while snowflakes gently landed on my eyelashes. I would blink and feel the chilly wetness of the flakes melt against my warmth. These are the kinds of memories the mountains bring back for me. They reset my mind so I can get back to connecting with what really matters.

I personally find myself reconnecting with my deeper self every time I hike. Some hikes bring me closer than others, but nature always proves to be a great medium for me to reconnect with my innermost passions. After all, you must do what makes you feel most at home with yourself. To learn about who you are is to be who you are, and I am a hiker.

As our hike brought us to the top of Kolcheck Basin, the light snow appeared to hang in midair and we decided to sit under a Mahogany tree and refuel with a Blue Sky Bliss Bar.

We were very still and quiet as the wild animals began to emerge. It was early, so we were also able to watch the sunrise. Because it had rained the day before, the sky was composed of lush oranges, rich reds, deep purples and bouncing blues.

A tingling sensation seems to always come over my body when I think back to this experience. Moments like the one I enjoyed with the sunrise and the delicate snowfall are what make us truly alive. As the sun rose and blanketed the mountainside, warmth spread through the air as it welcomed us.

What an amazing feeling to embrace the love of the sun. It made me want to explore every single mountain range I could see in the distance. I wanted to scream to the mountains how much love I felt for them and how they have helped attract happiness into my life.

I wanted to explain to them how much love I feel for their ragged peaks and the surrounding colorful sky. The appreciation I have for them compares to that I have for the human relationships in my life.

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This is what reconnecting is all about for me: Clarity on how I should move forward in my life. With love in my heart, and love to share, this mountain reminded me of all I have and want to give.

As the visibility increased, we saw three hulking bucks and several dainty does, but once they got wind of us they were off in a flash. They were beautiful to watch, so we followed them over the next ridge.

Once we got to the other side, we came upon about a dozen deer, including a huge 28-inch, 4×4 buck. He was comical, making us laugh as he frolicked around, trying to impress the does. It was mating season, so the bucks were acting like teenage boys in love.

They were so focused on how they looked that they forget about hiding, which made it possible for us to watch them up close. I watched with such amazement as they paraded around their bounty of females. These magnificent animals are a lot like us humans. Sometimes we are so focused on impressing others that we forget where we are in life. If we are not careful, we can even put ourselves in danger.

As it began to snow heavier, we backed our way out of the scene and headed to camp to recharge and prepare ourselves for the rest of our camping trip.

After reconnecting with nature and ourselves for five more wonderful days, we felt prepared to return to the madness and responsibility of the “real world.” Sometimes it is crucial to refuel and regain our balance before we move forward. Our next days are always the next days of the rest of our lives.

Send me a tweet @kelliehiking and share how you deal with the responsibilities of the real world.


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