I Will Tri: 5-Tips On Approaching The Swim

SwimIn preparation for the Ironman, I have read different blogs and newsletters about the how to overcome each part of the race. My goal is to be well-informed and to practice good habits while training. I am doing this so that my Ironman experience is amazing and potentially help someone else along the way.

Training for an Ironman is nerve-wracking, tiring, and intimidating. (Why do we do this sport???)

I have read over and over that I should not let those thoughts get me down and I would agree. I have to go into this with the right approach.

Here are 5 tips on how I plan to approach the swim and start of the race:

  1. Expect the worse: To start anyway – I know it sounds negative, so maybe I should say: plan for a struggle at the starting line. It’s going to be crazy, everyone is going to be splashing, suddenly stopping, there will be physical contact, and swimmers trying to separate from each other. I know this won’t last long, the key is to relax and be in my present bubble of bliss. That is why we do this sport to enter our bliss.
  2. Don’t Panic: It’s important to keep the breathing from getting too short. Again, find my bliss and staying relaxed while everyone else tries to get the pole position. I will not let others being frantic affect my state of mind.
  3. Stay to the outside: This was an interesting tip. I have always swam on the inside, so this one might be harder to apply, however I am going to give it a try. The goal here is to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. I think it will work to my benefit. 

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  4. Don’t follow the pack: Again, staying to the outside and then working my way in, as I reach the first buoy. I will be saving myself from the madness.
  5. Run until the water level is at your knees: This race I will run until the water level is at my knees. The reason for this is to maximize the time on land without being slowed by running through water. I will use shorter strokes to get through the chop to conserve energy. Once I am in smoother water I will use longer strokes.

I am hoping these 5 tips will help me enjoy the start of my race. Perhaps they are new to you and will help you too!

How do you approach with the swim in a triathlon? Please share in the comments below.


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